3 Reasons Facebook’s F8 Conference Matters to Higher Ed

By Matt McFadden | April 14, 2016

Facebook held its annual F8 conference for developers on Monday, and there’s plenty for higher ed marketers to be excited about.
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3 Reasons Facebook’s F8 Conference Matters to Higher Ed

Facebook held its annual F8 conference for developers on Monday, and there’s plenty for higher ed marketers to be excited about. Read More »

Nontraditional Students Higher Ed

Nontraditional: The New Traditional

What do you think of when you hear “nontraditional" in higher ed? Adult learner? Part-time student? Hybrid program? MOOCs? With higher ed’s ongoing makeover, there’s more meaning in that word than ever before. Read More »

Higher Ed Marketing: There's An App For That

Higher Ed Marketing: There’s An App For That

Time for a tale of two students. Based on their experience, which one do you think will choose you? Read More »

User Experience

User Experience, Simplified

Imagine you're a high school senior trying to pick a major. You could spread a massive pile of brochures on your bed and start flipping through them. Or you could download a 152-page PDF and start the never-ending scroll of death. Or, you could start with “I like to help others” or “I want to be an architect.” Which sounds like a better experience? Read More »


The Glaring Hole in Renewable Energy Marketing

There’s a giant hole in most residential and commercial renewable energy marketing strategies. Read More »

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People of Impact: Hannah Davis

Within 10 minutes of meeting with Hannah Davis, the under-30 founder of BANGS, a brand of canvas shoes that gives back to entrepreneurs, I knew I was in for a lesson. I just didn’t know what it was going to be. Read More »

DHG Culture

The Positive Power of Culture

One of the most powerful marketing messages you could ask for might be right in front of you. And it could change the game. Read More »

Community Management Higher Ed Marketing

Community Management: Be Prepared for the Conversation

What you say on Facebook doesn't affect a student's college choice, right? Maybe it does---a study found 66% of students said that social media interactions impacted their decision. It pays to be prepared for the conversation. Read More »

Rebranding: Risk vs. Reward

Rebranding: Risk vs. Reward

One does not simply embark on a rebrand. The process is a mixed bag of potential benefits and pitfalls. What should you think through before taking on the intimidating task of rebranding? Read More »

Twitter Algorithmic Timeline

Twitter’s Algorithmic Timeline: #nbd or #gamechanger?

Repressing a twinge of anxiety, I moved the slider over on my Twitter settings to “Show me the best tweets first.” What would this be like? Would I hate it or love it? Has Twitter lost its soul or taken a step to regain it? Read More »


The Business Case for Sustainability

The world economy has changed, and change is the core of sustainability. Where there is a need for change, there are business opportunities. Read More »

University of Georgia Online

How to Make Your School’s Strength Your Selling Point

Every school has it---what makes you “you.” The fancy word that gets tossed around boardrooms is “differentiator.” But it can get lost in the higher ed marketing mix. So how do you capitalize on it? Read More »

Alumni Social Media Chat

Guest Post: How I Got 100+ Alumni to Participate in a Social Media Chat

We’re excited to welcome guest blogger Robert Bochnak, Assistant Director of Alumni Communications and Marketing for Harvard Business School. In this post, he shares tips on engaging your alumni base in social media chats. Read More »

Internet Explorer

Dear Internet Explorer: It’s Not Us, It’s You

Internet Explorer is slowly but surely trudging into the big silver truck for that long, lonely journey to the great browser farm in the sky. But you may still be required to use it. What do you need to know to get through it all unscathed? Read More »

The Great SEO Balancing Act

The Great SEO Balancing Act

Keywords, semantic search, crawlers, Pandas & Penguins. SEO can be a baffling world, especially since Google changes their algorithm at about the same pace of new versions of Spotify (so, every 15 minutes.) But isn’t it just about great content? Well, yes and no. Read More »