It’s Not About the Shoebox

By Jeremiah Barba | June 13, 2016

It happened in the middle of a social media workshop we were facilitating at the University of Kentucky: a beautiful analogy dropped into our discussion.
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It's Not About The Shoebox

It’s Not About the Shoebox

It happened in the middle of a social media workshop we were facilitating at the University of Kentucky: a beautiful analogy dropped into our discussion. Read More »

Brand Experience

Why Quality Brand Experience Is Better Than A Unique Brand

Let’s be honest for a few minutes. We’re not all that different. Read More »

Higher Ed Marketing After Graduation

5 Things Higher Ed Marketers Should Do After Graduation

You made it! You survived the school year. You aced your final exam (covering graduation) and enjoyed some well-deserved vacation. So, after emptying out the last grain of sand from your tote bag, nursing your fading sunburn, and posting the last of those vacation pics on Facebook, what’s next? Here’s a few ideas to get your summer higher ed marketing efforts on the right track. Read More »


Guest Post: 5 Things I Learned About Social Media Strategy from Lil Wayne

It was just another busy end of semester until UL Lafayette’s students won a free concert on campus with Lil Wayne through a social media contest. Read More »


Stalking Prospective Students the Not-So-Creepy Way

So you’ve decided that paid search is the next big way to increase your pool of prospective students. You’ve done a little bit of research and “know” what they are searching for and how “big” the market is. Perfect…well…not completely perfect. Let’s look at some stats. Where else is your demographic on the web? Where […] Read More »


Content Marketing: Dead or Alive?

In the fickle world of modern marketing, it seems that every few months the hottest trend becomes “totally dead.” Day to day, conference to conference, social network to social network, the only constant is change. So it is with content marketing---once the hottest thing, now branded as “dead” by some. Is it mostly dead? Slightly alive? Or just evolving? Read More »

Humor Higher Ed Marketing

A Field Guide to Humor in Higher Ed Marketing

Another Monday, another communications department meeting in a cavernous boardroom. Updates from various people of importance. At first, it looks like it’ll be a pretty run-of-the-mill Monday meeting, and then the Vice President drops the bomb: “Guys, I think we need to be more funny. Teens love funny. Millennials love funny. How do we be funny?” Read More »


3 Reasons Facebook’s F8 Conference Matters to Higher Ed

Facebook held its annual F8 conference for developers on Monday, and there’s plenty for higher ed marketers to be excited about. Read More »

Nontraditional Students Higher Ed

Nontraditional: The New Traditional

What do you think of when you hear “nontraditional" in higher ed? Adult learner? Part-time student? Hybrid program? MOOCs? With higher ed’s ongoing makeover, there’s more meaning in that word than ever before. Read More »

Higher Ed Marketing: There's An App For That

Higher Ed Marketing: There’s An App For That

Time for a tale of two students. Based on their experience, which one do you think will choose you? Read More »

User Experience

User Experience, Simplified

Imagine you're a high school senior trying to pick a major. You could spread a massive pile of brochures on your bed and start flipping through them. Or you could download a 152-page PDF and start the never-ending scroll of death. Or, you could start with “I like to help others” or “I want to be an architect.” Which sounds like a better experience? Read More »


The Glaring Hole in Renewable Energy Marketing

There’s a giant hole in most residential and commercial renewable energy marketing strategies. Read More »

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People of Impact: Hannah Davis

Within 10 minutes of meeting with Hannah Davis, the under-30 founder of BANGS, a brand of canvas shoes that gives back to entrepreneurs, I knew I was in for a lesson. I just didn’t know what it was going to be. Read More »

DHG Culture

The Positive Power of Culture

One of the most powerful marketing messages you could ask for might be right in front of you. And it could change the game. Read More »

Community Management Higher Ed Marketing

Community Management: Be Prepared for the Conversation

What you say on Facebook doesn't affect a student's college choice, right? Maybe it does---a study found 66% of students said that social media interactions impacted their decision. It pays to be prepared for the conversation. Read More »