5 Reasons Why The Time is Now for Your Mobile App Strategy

By Adam Landrum | October 20, 2010

What is your strategy for addressing the mobile web?

More people are going to be using the web with mobile devices–smartphones, tablet PC’s, and other mobile devices that haven’t even been invented yet. In Morgan Stanley’s 2010 report on the Internet Trends, mobile web usage will surpass the desktop web usage by 2014, as indicated on the graph. To put this in perspective even more, the graph below shows us that in early 2000 there were about 1 billion desktop units, whereas, by 2014 we’ll see about 10 billion mobile units. This means your customers will more likely begin using their mobile devise to access your web presence via the web instead of their PC.

Here are 5 Reasons why the time is now for mobile apps to be part of your digital strategy:

  1. Faster Networks. 3G, 4G, Wi-Max networks will enable mobile devises to access the web with similar speed as their desktop counterparts–when and where ever.
  2. Convergence is Underway. The five key convergence items are:
    1. Mobile Web (and faster speeds)
    2. Social Media. Email was surpassed by social media as the #1 way to communicate on the web–in 2007.
    3. Online Video is converging quickly. Watching games, tv shows and movies can happen now on your mobile device and it will get better and grow in popularity.
    4. VOIP. Services such as Google Voice and Skype are changing the communications landscape.
    5. Innovative Mobile Devices. Tablets are screaming onto the scene, more advanced smartphones and even mobile devices like the Kindle are changing the game.
  3. Value, Value, Value. Web sites as a whole are still brochure-ware sites, offering general or limited information about a company’s services and products. Today’s consumer or buyer demands more and more value, and will want it on their primary device they use to access the web–their mobile device.
  4. Convenience. “Yes, I could go to my computer and login to your website and buy those tickets, but I want to do it from my phone, right now!” Perhaps we’re training our customers to be much like spoiled children, but the first companies who cater to the “I need it now” part of our culture will win.
  5. The Next Generation. If you’re a watch manufacturer, you’ve probably already figured out that your time is limited. The next generation doesn’t wear watches, they have their mobile phones. The next generation doesn’t email–they text or use social networks. And guess what? The next generation is going to expect your offerings to be on their mobile devise–that is–if you want to do business with next and future generations.

Bottom Line: The mobile web will be 10x bigger than the desktop web by 2014, and it’s happening right now. No longer will a ubiquitous online strategy work, winners will need to embrace the intricacies of the mobile web to compete.

Source: Morgan Stanley’s Internet Trends 2010