Kicking Away the Crutches

By Matt McFadden | May 22, 2017

We recently spent a week hosting what we like to call "Brand Camp" at a small, private university in the midwest.
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Kicking Away the Crutches

We recently spent a week hosting what we like to call "Brand Camp" at a small, private university in the midwest. Read More »

Social Listening & Lil Wayne: Webinar Alert

Social media marketers talk a lot about what to post and where to post it, but are you truly listening? Read More »

Keeping Development Content Fresh at Johns Hopkins

Ask a group of alumni magazine editors how they handle development content, and you'll often get curled lips, eye twitches, or other nervous tics in response. (Full disclosure: I used to be one of those editors.) Read More »

Higher Ed Email Marketing

We’re Doing Email Wrong

The influx of social channels in the last few years has changed how we consume content and what we’ve come to enjoy, and email was left for dead on the roadside like a tragically unaware possum. Read More »

New Client: North Greenville University

Up&Up welcomes North Greenville University to to our client family. North Greenville has engaged Up&Up to create and execute digital marketing services to help recruit prospective students. Read More »

The Brand Launch

The Brand Launch: Don’t Let It Sneak Up On You

To avoid an all-nighter hanging banners on the quad the day before your launch, here are a few tips we’ve learned over the years for planning a smooth and stress-free brand launch. Read More »

Let Our Powers Combine: Content Strategy Webinar

Have you ever been asked, “what’s our content strategy?” What about “should we have a blog?” or “why are our prospects not converting?” This webinar is for you. Read More »

Is Your Institution Ready for Branding?

Is Your Institution Ready for Branding?

As little as 15 years ago, you couldn’t use the “M word” on a college campus without getting booed off the podium. Marketing was seen as “smoke and mirrors,” and it was considered unseemly to “market” academe—the work should speak for itself. Read More »

Making the Most of Graduation

Graduation season is upon us again. Are you ready to make the most of this exciting time? Read More »

Why Students Are Your Most Valuable Content Creators

For the last two years, we’ve embarked on an experiment with our social content. We took some of our most important content programs and handed them over to students! Read More »

Blogging For Higher Education

Do’s & Don’ts For Blogging in Higher Education

“We should have a blog. Why don’t we have a blog? How hard can it be?” Read More »

UCDA Judge's Choice Award

We’re Coming to the UCDA Design Summit

We're looking forward to speaking at the UCDA Design Summit, right in our backyard of Greenville, SC. Read More »

CASE Social Media Conference Recap

CASE Social Media Conference 2017 Recap

A first-rate group of higher education social media professionals descended on the City of Stars for the CASE Social Media & Community Conference in Los Angeles---determined to learn, connect, and of course, for the chance of seeing Ryan Gosling dancing through the streets. Read More »

Build An Authentic Brand by Giving It Away

How do you build an authentic brand on social media? Give it away! Read More »

CASE Social Media Conference

Social Media in the City of Stars: CASE Social Media Conference

Will you be in the City of Stars for CASE Social Media & Community next week? We’ll see you there! Read More »