Your AMA Higher Ed To-Do List

By Up&Up | November 30, 2016

First item on the list: Google "how long is the line for the new Frozen ride at Epcot?" (hint: it’s like 5 hours with a Fastpass).
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AMA Higher Ed 2016

Your AMA Higher Ed To-Do List

First item on the list: Google "how long is the line for the new Frozen ride at Epcot?" (hint: it’s like 5 hours with a Fastpass). Read More »


Higher Ed Marketing Trends Surveys

2016 is drawing to a close, and we want to hear from the best minds in higher ed marketing---yours! Read More »


Top Takeaways From Confab Higher Ed 2016

Collaboration, content strategy, and cake. Those three “C’s” sum up the energetic & engaging days of Confab Higher Ed 2016 in Philadelphia. Read More »


Cheesesteak & Content Strategy: Confab Higher Ed 2016

We'll be at Confab Higher Ed in Philadelphia next week! Are you joining us? Read More »


Why You Should Care About Google’s Recent Changes

Have you noticed any changes in Google search results over the last few months? Read More »


Do What Scares You In Higher Ed Marketing

Why do we like to be scared? Our insatiable curiosity for what’s behind that creaky door? An outlet to unleash our desire to take down monsters of all kinds? Whatever the reason, marketers can learn from this time of year, because sometimes it’s good to do what scares you. Read More »


“Winning Higher Ed Social Media Engagement”- The Webinar

Are you a higher ed social media pro? Does the phrase "we need more engagement" keep you up at night? If so, we have a webinar with your name on it... Read More »


Before You Dive In: How to Nail A Higher Ed Research Project

With a little help from Rodney Dangerfield, here's your guide to "diving in" to a successful higher ed research project. Read More »

Grad School Marketing to Millennials

Guest Post: What Grad Schools Should Know About Targeting Millennials

When it comes to targeting millennials, it's time for grad schools to get away from the same old tactics. Read More »


Marian University Chooses Up&Up

Up&Up welcomes Marian University to our client family. Marian has engaged Up&Up in an effort to increase enrollment for undergraduate and graduate programs, increase awareness of the university’s programs, and analyze & improve admissions and communications processes. Read More »

UCDA Judge's Choice Award

Up&Up Wins Judge’s Choice Award at UCDA Design Conference

We're excited to share that Up&Up received a Judge's Choice award for our work with the University of Kentucky at the annual UCDA Design Conference in San Antonio. Read More »


Guest Post: What We Learned From Our First Two Giving Days

Before my first giving day, I thought they were just the hot new trend in annual giving. Now, after experiencing a successful giving day, I understand what people were so excited about. Read More »

Design + Content Strategy: Giving Them What They Want

Design & Content Strategy: Give Them What They Want

When it comes to design & content strategy, don't hide the hot sauce. Read More »


Traditional + Digital: A Winning Combination

It wasn’t that long ago that many predicted the death of print at the hands of digital. But when the two mediums work closely together, it can be a killer combination, especially for higher ed marketing. Read More »


Introducing Our New Home – Society Hall

We're excited to introduce our new home in Greenville's West End, Society Hall. Read More »

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