Alumni Engagement Ecosystem
Mobilizing Your Fans

You can’t afford to NOT have an engaged alumni base. National rankings, endowment money, lifelong ambassadors, these are just some of the benefits of a plugged-in alumni base.

But you may have too many channels to effectively engage your alumni. But if you invest in building a plan and a digital ecosystem, you can! It takes time, but it’s worth it.

That’s what we have seen with Clemson University—through our continuing work together they’ve become the nation’s #1 engaged alumni association.

We want to help you find your ecosystem, build a long-term strategy, and build each component. With our tools and experience and your awesome team, long-term engagement is sure to follow.

Alumni Engagement

Engage With Crowdsourcing

What if your alumni could easily keep you updated on their lives? We partnered with Clemson Alumni and Development to create a digital outlet for alumni to stay in touch with the university and their friends. Tigers On The Move is a responsive web app and mobile site that makes it easy for alumni to post public updates around special life events like new jobs, engagements, moves, and the arrival of Tiger Cubs.

Clemson Alumni

Engage With Apps

It started as an alumni update email, and grew into an app called The Echo. This newsfeed app lets alumni choose what type of news they want to keep up with, making it easy to find what they care about. It also sends push notifications to let them know when big news breaks.

Echo Alumni Engagement

Engage With Email

One client came to us with this problem: “Our newsletters take hours and hours to put together. Help!” So we built Refeed, an email marketing system that pulls in feeds and makes it easy to build and send newsletters. In the end, we dramatically reduced the time & effort to get a quality newsletter out the door to thousands of alumni.

Refeed Alumni Engagement

How Can We Help You Engage Your Alumni?