The #1 Salvage Site in America

By Matt McFadden | May 06, 2012

The Opportunity:

Ron King, the owner and founder of Heavy Salvage, an online bidding site for wrecked trucks, walked through the Merge doors three years ago with one goal in mind, to be the leading salvage bidding website in the country.

The Problem:

Heavy Salvage was an established web-based company, but the services of a freelancer from New York were simply not enough to provide Ron with the business growth that was truly possible.

The Solution:

Merge designed a digital strategy that would be executed over the next three years, and would ultimately include new brand identity and collateral, the new, an iphone app, email campaigns and social media.

The challenge for HeavySalvage is that it has 3 distinct users. Some sites, say like Ebay, have two distinct users (buyers and sellers) and it can prove difficult to address the chicken before the age syndrome: what audience do I build the website for, whom do I go after first, etc.

Merge provided a strategy that would go after all three users: Insurance Companies (they want to know the fair market value of their insured’s wrecked trucks), the Adjusters (the people who manage getting the correct fair market value and therefore use services like and the buyers (those who bid and buy the trucks), serve each of them equally as well.

The website was built, Merge provided a new brand that would speak effectively to this 3-headed user base and we launched.

For over two years, we tweaked, added new features, received feedback from the users and built functionality for the founder. The strategy called for the website being much more than just a website. It is the business. Merge built a complete back-end dashboard that Ron and his company use to manage the day to day operations of the business. Accounts Receivable, once very hard to track, had racked up an average of beign 180+ days out. Merge integrated a receivables and invoice reminder system that drove the average down to less than 25 days.

Over the three year period, HeavySalvage saw each of its KPI categories grow. Such success came from increasing the number of users (Insurance Companies, Adjusters and Buyers) each year, to increasing the number of bids by buyers (the more bids the better the options for Insurance Companies making the service more valuable). Bids grew by 56% over the three year period, and the percentage of salvage awarded grew 25%.

These incremental improvements added up to real numbers: Salvage sales grew 165% and fees charged grew 104% in the same three year period.

Merge was able to help provide an ROI of 28.4% in the worst economic recession of our generation. Furthermore, Ron, the entrepreneur who had come in with high ambitions, has realized his goal: is the #1 bidding Salvage company in America.

Merge didn’t build him a website. We helped him build his business.

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