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A Long roar

An engaged alumni base is vital to the health and wellbeing of every University. When alums are engaged they help engage others and help support the institution financially. A larger endowment helps provide scholarships for students, attract and retain key faculty and support a better overall educational experience. Since 2010, Up&Up has helped Clemson University connect with 140,000 alumni and build the nation’s most engaged alumni base (as ranked by the Princeton Review).

Alumni Engagement

Our Strategy

Encourage more alumni engagement and increase giving by leveraging digital communications.

Our Approach

130 for 130

We’ve successfully helped Clemson deploy 130 (and counting) straight Echos on time to over 70,000 alums. Thats every other Wednesday for nearly five years. That’s roughly 9.1 million email communications.

No design lasts forever

Beyond the initial success, we saw engagement skyrocket on mobile devices. From a 4% off all opens coming from mobile in 2010, to over 40% of all opens by summer of 2012. This lead to the first, mobile redesign of the Echo in 2012. A second, more simple redesign occurred early in 2014. The new design has shown a 25% improvement in alumni engagement year over year.

Clemson Alumni

Email isn't enough to connect

In 2012, we again teamed with Alumni and Development to create a digital means for alumni to stay in touch with the university and their friends. Tigers on the Move was born in the form of a responsive web app and mobile site that allowed Alumni to post public updates around special life events like new jobs, engagements, moves, the arrival of Tiger Cubs and more.

Clemson Alumni

Bandwagon jumping

The success of initiatives like The Echo and Tigers on the Move led to 3 of the 6 major schools at Clemson following the lead of Alumni and Development. The College of Business and Behavioral Science, College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities, and the College of Engineering and Science all have newly designed email communications pieces to communicate with their more than 50,000 alumni, faculty and students.


While we love it when we can make an immediate impact for clients, the long term impact after 5 years of consistent communication and persistent evolution speaks for itself.


Alumni Engagement


Alumni Giving Rank


Top Public Schools

Since 2010, Up&Up has helped us address many internal challenges that have transformed the way we communicate with our alumni and donor audiences. With their support, Clemson has risen to be a Top 20 public university and maintains a #4 position for alumni participation."

Michele Cauley, Sr. Marketing Director, Development and Alumni Relations, Clemson University Alumni Association

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