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Life Beyond Numbers

There are a lot of preconceptions about accountants. Numbers geeks. Organized overachievers. Business-savvy math wizards. Spreadsheet shamans. But at the end of the day, accounting professionals are people. People with families, friends, homes, hobbies — and a life outside of work. That epiphany turned what began as an employer branding and talent recruitment campaign into a rallying cry for an entire corporate culture.

Strategically headquartered in Charlotte, the second largest financial center in the US, DHG is among the top 15 largest public accounting firms in the country. The firm aggressively recruits the best talent in the country, including experienced professionals and college students. It’s an extremely competitive market, and the demand continues to grow every year with no slowdown in sight.

By the Numbers: A Competitive Market

The demand for college graduate and experienced accounting professionals continues to grow.


2014-15 YOY growth in accounting hires


of graduates are recruited into Big 4 firms


accounting college graduates hired in 2015

It's Different Here.

When we interviewed DHG employees, we expected to hear stories about late hours at the office, layers of bureaucracy, unrealistic deadlines, and no time for a personal life. Unfortunately, that’s the typical culture of most large national public accounting firms. But what we heard from DHG team members was a much different story, because the culture is completely different. At DHG, helping employees build successful careers as accounting professionals is their mission. And with that mission comes a tremendous amount of flexibility to learn, grow, and live a healthy life both in and outside of the office.

Going Beyond the Numbers.

Their unique culture and it’s focus on career growth and health and wellbeing is a rare find for any employee — and a godsend for a marketer. While a lot of accounting firms pay lip service to “work/life balance,” experienced professionals and college students know it just isn’t true. But at DHG, integrating work and life is woven right into the culture, and we couldn’t wait to show it.

Up&Up produced a series of 6 videos to show what it’s like to work at DHG (and have a life outside of work.)

Touching a Nerve.

The effort to further define DHG’s employee value proposition and launch a campaign to recruit experienced accounting professionals and soon-to-be college graduates took on a life of its own. The “Life Beyond Numbers” story was relevant to more than new recruits. It resonated so well with leadership that it has become the foundation for all internal employee communications and programs.

"Up &Up helped us develop our value proposition into a brand that truly resonates with our employees and prospective employees. Best of all, it’s fun and memorable. We could not be more pleased with the work they have done for us and we truly consider them an extension of our team."

Effin Logue, Chief People Person, DHG

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