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And now, it’s time for some bonus content. Since we’re in the great city of Boston for EduWeb, we present…

The Definitive Guide to Boston Tea Party
& American Revolution-Related Parodies on YouTube

We had NO IDEA there were so many musical & dramatic takes on tea-chucking & “revolting” on the Interwebs. Once we went down this rabbit hole, there was no turning back.

Apparently, every group of 8th graders in history class assigned to do a presentation on anything related to the Boston Tea Party or the American Revolution decides that they will be the ones to bust out a sweet rap and/or musical parody. How hard is it to work “taxation without representation” into your flow? Hard. Worth it? Always. 

They run the gamut from high production value to 8th graders and iMovie, but either way, boxes of Earl Grey take a flying leap into the icy waters and colonies are born. 

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Tay-Tay’s Tea Party Take

Imagine a world where Taylor Swift wasn’t busy getting mad and un-mad at Spotify and dating & un-dating Loki, and she spent her time telling the stories of history. The result might be something like this. Kudos to Ben Leddy, educational video storyteller extraordinaire. The clapping & lip-syncing illustrations are glorious.  

Because “Happy” Rhymes With “Tea Party”

Jam Campus brings some jubilation to the table with their musical retelling of the flinging of the leaves. Props to the three-cornered hat-wearing performer for style & flair. That fellow is committed. Also, if you feel like a room without a roof, keep in mind your roof might be missing, and you should probably let somebody know about that.

Dear King George, It’s Too Late to Apologize

When that first chord hits, you know you’re in for a quality experience. When the solo starts, Ryan Tedder’s ears perk up. When the violin solo cranks up at 2:09, things start to escalate. But then at 2:27…well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

When A Couple of Sons, They Were Doin’ Some Good, Boarded Three Ships in The Neighborhood

With apologies to Will Smith, we give a solid “good effort” to these 2 ladies for merging classic 1990s TV & 1770s history.

Don’t Tell Adam Levine

It takes a bold social studies teacher to take on the tunes of Maroon 5. Our three-cornered hat is tipped to you, Mr. Tom Miller. 

Viva La Tea…Da?

And finally, while we’re not sure Chris Martin would be a big fan of this one, when stick figures meet Coldplay meets a very sad King George, it’s a special combination.


Thanks for joining us on this revolutionary journey.
Have a lovely time at EduWeb (and if you’re not at EduWeb, have a wicked good day anyway.)

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