Erskine College
Small Became Huge

“We’re just little ‘ole Erskine.”

If we heard this once, we heard it 100 times while on campus. There was a sense of small, inadequate, not worthy. But something happened on a drive back to Greenville from Due West.

Small became huge.

A Close-Knit Family

We reviewed the competition and talked to students, faculty, and alumni. Everyone loved knowing everyone. Faculty took pride in spending extra time with students. Students appreciated that because they knew it would pay off as Erskine grads were highly sought in the workforce, and Erskine had an incredibly high grad school placement rate.

A year after the brand launch, Erskine enrolled their 2nd largest incoming class in the last 50 years.


conversion rate on the Visit Site


largest incoming class in 50 years



A Fresh Message

From these conversations came a new brand, rolled out through four distinct websites for four distinct audiences. A brand summit was also held to educate the stakeholders (admissions, administration, marketing, alumni/development) on how use the new brand language.

Our goal was to change the paradigm of how we delivered content digitally by allowing us to strategically expand based on priority. Up&Up developed a new brand and strategy that allowed us to prioritize the business need and effectively move on to the next initiative.”

Cliff Smith, Chief Communications Officer, Erskine College

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