George Mason University
Making a difference through business & policy the world over.

George Mason University is on a mission to educate and inspire fledgling business students to be the next generation of entrepreneurs, leaders and captains of industry. Our strategy to support this mission was to reposition their brand and tell their story to recruit not more, but better quality students on their own mission to make the world a better place through business.

School of Business

Through a holistic content strategy, we help GMU increase traffic, inquiries, and applications from highly qualified prospective students.


increase in YOY organic traffic


targeted keywords in top 10


Applications increase from organic & paid search

More Than Business as Usual

Our strategy to create high quality, targeted content along with both on-site and off-site optimization and multiple link building campaigns resulted in more qualified traffic and the largest number of prospective graduate business student applications in five years.

Beyond Expectations

A targeted content strategy for Data Analytics program at the GMU Volgenau School of Engineering wildly exceeded expectations and targets by 300%, requiring the school to add 2 additional classes to facilitate demand.

School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs

The Best Face Forward

A refreshed brand and website redesign helped the School of Policy, Goverment & International Affairs tell their story more effectively to prospective students and alumni and provide them both with a more intuitive user experience.

Up&Up is not just a vendor but a true partner. They have helped us tremendously in our search engine optimization efforts as well as our content marketing efforts."

Nicole Hitpas, Director of Marketing and Communications, George Mason University School of Business

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