Mount St. Mary's
Increase enrollment and retention by unifying a University

A very public presidential crisis left the Mount St. Mary’s University community divided. Faced with the challenges of brand notoriety for the wrong reasons, a decline in enrollment and a fractured community, the Marketing and Communications Department and Up&Up took on the arduous task of creating a new brand. 

The result, a creative concept known as “Live Significantly,” not only gave the Mount bold messaging and a strategy designed to stand out, but more importantly unified the community by answering the essential question of who we are.

Rolling Out the Campaign

Brand Messaging Platform

The goal of the Live Significantly enrollment campaign was to acknowledge that we all have one life to live, and that we choose how to spend it. For students who want to shape their lives to make the world a better place, Mount St. Mary’s University is there to challenge and guide them to do just that. The campus provides an environment to reflect and connect with nature, classmates, faculty, and the local community, all the while learning and growing alongside some of the most gifted scholars and athletes in the country.

Taking It All In

We spent a full week on campus shooting both photography and video to be utilized across several platforms throughout the campaign to tell the story of the Mount through students’ eyes—and real students at that.

Print & Digital

The creative showcases six different verb/adverb combinations that help describe the characteristics that Mount St. Mary’s University students exhibit. As a student, you’re challenged to Learn Voraciously, Compete Ferociously, Explore Boundlessly, Grow Faithfully, Serve Selflessly, and to Dream Limitlessly. Through these character traits, the University helps build and shape you to Live Significantly.


Video Spots

We produced a series of videos ranging from :15 to :90 spots to help convey the Live Significantly story. Again, the story is told through the eyes and voice of an actual Mount St. Mary’s University student, and showcases how the University, and those that make it what it is, have so much impact on the lives of their students. These spots ran in local markets as well as on Facebook and YouTube.

The Website

All traffic from the campaign was directed to the Mount St. Mary’s University Admissions microsite where prospects could learn more and schedule a visit.


The end result was a full campaign consisting of video spots, print ads, OOH, social media and digital retargeting that all lead prospects to the Mount St. Mary's University Admissions microsite. There, they could learn more and schedule a visit.


increase in Sunday visits


increase in daily visits


increase in applications