North Greenville University
A Strategic Search for the Right Students

North Greenville University, a private liberal arts institution located in our home city, has focused on providing an exceptional education that makes a difference in the lives of students so that they can then make a difference for Christ. The university has been recognized as one of the most notable conservative Christian universities in the Southeast.

While NGU has led with this faith-based vision since the university’s inception, in recent years, their strategy has been to attract more students that would benefit from the spiritual growth, cultural enrichment, and hands-on service on campus.

With that goal in mind, NGU set out to find a strategic partnership, rather than a one-time vendor. NGU tasked Up&Up with a strategy to increase applications for NGU programs, including online, graduate and traditional undergraduate degrees. They also needed help with increasing their organic search presence and driving better results from their PPC campaigns.

Leading with Strategy

With that ask, we created holistic, multi-phase SEO, PPC, and social campaigns. For the SEO side of the house, we developed a strategy that focused on optimizing the degree programs and pages that needed the most help in regards to enrollment and organic search visibility first then moved to other necessary pages and programs. We also created a flow for blog production, with our teams collaborating to create content each month.

Within our PPC strategy, we first targeted and optimized the degree programs that needed the most help in regards to enrollment. We then continually measured and optimized to see long-lasting results. Our strategy focused on paid search ads, display ads, retargeting ads, and social ads. This has included targeted specific geo-locations and/or events where we know our target audiences are. We also designed and developed a new microsite for our paid campaigns—pushing our conversions through the roof.


total keyword universe increase


click-through rate increase


cost-per-acquisition decrease

The Results

Over the past two years, our collective efforts have produced impressive results. The metrics highlighted below span a timeframe from May 2017 to June 2019.


first-year RFI form submissions


RFI form submissions


total RFI form submissions

These RFIs are from our collective efforts in both SEO and PPC for on-campus programs, graduate programs, and their adult and online programs.

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