Ohio University College of Business
From Good to Great

Ohio University College of Business is on a mission to educate and inspire fledgling business students to be the next generation of entrepreneurs, leaders and captains of industry. Our strategy to support this mission was to reposition their brand and tell their story to recruit not more, but better quality students on their own mission to make the world a better place through business.

Our Strategy

Create a recruitment website that speaks directly to the needs of highly driven students who want more than just a business degree but a leg up toward a successful career in business.


Our work reshaped the user experience to allow prospective students to more easily navigate critical information to help drive recruitment of higher quality undergraduate and graduate students.

Join the Ranks

An important selling point for prospective students and especially their parents is the relationships the College of Business has with the business community, including a number of Fortune 500 companies in Ohio and across the country.

"The work Up & Up did allows us to confidently recruit prospective students into the business program."

Jessica Gardner, Director of Communications, Ohio University, College of Business

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