Piedmont College
Finding the Right Students

After a couple of days on campus leading focus groups with students, alumni, faculty/staff, and the administration, we uncovered that Piedmont is a great fit for students who need the extra attention in a location that didn’t come with many distractions. The students we needed to connect with thrived in a learning environment that was personal and kept them accountable.

Personalized & Structured

We also surveyed prospective students, their parents, and even high school guidance counselors to gauge brand awareness, sentiment, and why they would or would not consider Piedmont. The strategy was molded around this research and Piedmont’s most unique strengths.

Seeing Results

The overall rollout and strategy led to a 26% increase in applications and a 25% increase in enrollment in just one year.


increase in applications


increase in enrollment


really happy President

Making it Happen

The brand rollout consisted of a refreshed brand identity, new brand guidelines, completely overhauled website, content strategy, social & email collateral, copywriting direction, and a brand awareness strategy focused on prospective students and guidance counselors at the right-sized schools in specific geographic markets.

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