Higher Ed Social Media Engagement Report

By Jeremiah Barba | August 9, 2016

Are you trying to boost engagement on your school's social presence? We looked at over 300 schools to find best practices from top performers. Time to see where you rank!
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Higher Ed Social Media Engagement

Higher Ed Social Media Engagement Report

Are you trying to boost engagement on your school's social presence? We looked at over 300 schools to find best practices from top performers. Time to see where you rank! Read More »

Snapchat uses for Higher Ed Marketing

Snapchat For Higher Ed Marketing

The payoff of Snapchat can be hard to nail down. Simplicity? Assured engagement? Intimacy of instant connection? College students seem to have figured it out, but what about the institutions they attend? Read More »

Guest Post: 5 Things I Learned About Social Media Strategy from Lil Wayne

It was just another busy end of semester until UL Lafayette’s students won a free concert on campus with Lil Wayne through a social media contest. Read More »

Community Management Higher Ed Marketing

Community Management: Be Prepared for the Conversation

What you say on Facebook doesn't affect a student's college choice, right? Maybe it does---a study found 66% of students said that social media interactions impacted their decision. It pays to be prepared for the conversation. Read More »

How to Fix Your Social Media “Problem Child”

We all have that social media “problem child,” that channel that just can’t seem to gain traction. How can you make it your rockstar performer? Read More »

A Millennial’s Perspective On Recruiting Millennials

You're recruiting millennials, and while we've proven to revolutionize the way we communicate, you're still using traditional methods. We're a hard code to crack, so start with these 3 characteristics to better understand. Read More »

4 Tips to Better Engage Alumni on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn alumni page has the power to reunite and rally past students, but if your posts are a dud, you'll lose them. Read more on how to better engage alumni on LinkedIn. Read More »

5 Ways Universities are Engaging Alumni on Twitter

Creating content might not seem difficult, but creating content that actually resonates with your alumni on Twitter is another story. We've listed 5 things to keep in mind when creating a social strategy. Read More »


4 Tips to Boost Alumni Engagement on Facebook

Maintaining an effective Facebook presence is a daunting task, but it's necessary for every alumni association to include in their marketing efforts. Read More »


Higher Ed Alumni Association Social Media Report

We observed alumni association social media activity across the top five power conferences and the Ivy League and determined which alumni associations received the most engagement. Read More »

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Big Brands That Successfully Connect with Their Audience on Social Media

Merge knows the importance of a social media presence and the impact it can make on your business. So, we compiled a list of the top 4 brands that successfully connect with their audience on social media. We love these brands because they know their audience, and they focus their time and attention on the […] Read More »

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A Quick Guide to Higher Ed Social Media

Each social network serves a different purpose and reaches a different audience, and the most innovative approaches tailor their social media activity accordingly. Read More »


Snapchat: The Newest Higher Ed Communication Tool

Want to keep up with the newest trend in social media? Learn how to utilize Snapchat for promoting your university. Read More »


5 Ways to Make Your Content “Go Viral”

To be assured of their message's success, businesses must strive for one of the most elusive and vital things to obtain in this digital age, "Virality," or going viral. Read More »

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Does Social Media Sharing Hinder Content Creation?

Is anyone actually creating new content or are we all just sharing old information? Read More »

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