Less Digital. More Human.

At the risk of sounding full of ourselves, what we do is a pretty big deal. Our clients have a profoundly positive effect on people and the world at large —and (lucky us) we get to help them do that. For colleges and universities that are educating the next generation of entrepreneurs, educators and leaders, we help them tell their stories. For growing businesses that want to solve the world’s challenges, we help them find clarity and new business opportunities.

We’re an agency that impacts people’s lives by connecting them with the good our clients do.

Let's Enjoy This

Our campaigns, projects, and partnerships with clients last months -- More often than not, they last years. We expect the outcomes to be great, but we expect the client experience to be even better. If we’re gonna work with each other this much, it should be fun. Together, we’ll hit milestones, watch metrics climb, and produce world changing creative. Then we’ll high five and do it all again. It’s never easy, but making something that matters, together, is worth it.

A Creative Environment

If you haven’t figured it out by now, fun is a pretty big part of the Up&Up culture. But it’s not all fun and games. We take what we do (and doing it well) very seriously. But we do our best work when we’re not strapped to a desk or encumbered by walls. We’ve designed our studios to inspire creative thinking and foster collaboration among teams. So if you come over to play some time, don’t be surprised if we put you to work.

Outside Influences

As much as we enjoy collaborating in the office, getting out and about occasionally helps replenish our creative juices and lets us see things a little differently. But then again, that could just be the “creative juices” talking. We live and work in a great town full of great places to eat, drink and soak up the local culture. Far be it from us to let it all go to waste.