Undeclared Podcast: A Higher Education Marketing Podcast by Up&Up

A podcast for higher ed marketers who just want to learn it all.

This is the Undeclared podcast. We explore the challenges that higher education institutions face, like handling declining enrollment rates and standing out in the minds of students. We talk with higher ed experts about how institutions must learn to handle and use modern communication tools, deal with faster and less in-depth news cycles, and face the ever-present hurdle of rising above the background noise to make an impact. In addition to conversations with college and university thought leaders, we’ll bring you case studies on what works and what doesn’t, research on evolving trends and habits, and a better understanding of what you can do to help your school grow.

This podcast is for you—a curious higher ed professional that wants to understand where your institution sits in the marketplace and what you can do to move it forward. It’s for listeners who lead universities and education programs that need to cultivate a vision for their institution. It is also for those who know their offerings can be so much more. Because an educated planet is a better place for everyone!

Disclaimer: the views and opinions expressed in this podcast and summarized on this website are those of the hosts and/or guests and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any agency or institution they represent. No statements made on this podcast and/or website are endorsements of Up&Up, our service offerings, or our staff. The participants of Undeclared are all voluntary guests, are not paid, and are not provided any benefits in exchange for their participation or statements. 

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Host Scott Fogleman

Scott Fogleman

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Host Allison Lanier