SEO Basics to Remember in 2015

By Eric Evans | Jan 10, 2015

It’s the beginning of the new year and your mind is racing through everything you’d like to see done with your website and digital marketing efforts. Dream big, but don’t forget about the basics-more importantly the basics for your sites SEO. A lot has changed in the past few years in the world of SEO, and you should make sure your site and organic search efforts don’t get left in 2014 or even 2013. Here are three key SEO basics to keep your site rolling through the new year.

Content, Content, Content

You may be getting tired of hearing everyone talk about producing great content and sharing that content, but unfortunately (or better yet, fortunately) that advice still holds true today as it did two years ago. Google still reigns supreme in search market share and pretty much whatever they say goes. If they told us (SEOs) that only producing low resolution videos is the way to rank, we would complain and complain some more about how Google is crazy, but in the end, they hold the keys to the organic traffic door.

Google states that producing great content and sharing that content out with others is the way to rank and get loads of traffic…and they are right. Producing content is tough. Producing unique and targeted content is even tougher, but in the end, producing great content shows Google that you and your site are thought leaders in your industry, and that turns into high rankings and more organic traffic.

Build Relationships, Not Just Links

Link building is the toughest and most misunderstood aspect of SEO. It’s the “black hole” of time and effort that isn’t sexy, and it’s the hardest to point hard results back to. Link building is more than simply surfing the internet trying to find random sites to link back to your own. It’s about building relationships.

The more you connect with people within your industry the easier it is to get links to the great content you are producing. Meeting people face to face and having a cup of coffee with them might be tougher than emailing them and asking for a link, but in the end, it can turn into a much deeper relationship that could provide you a go-to person for links. They could also give you the “in” with other people and sites that you wouldn’t have without them.

Just remember…links are people too.

All Keywords Are Not Made the Same

Finding keywords might sound like an easy task (maybe it doesn’t), but finding the right keywords for you and your business that will actually drive relevant traffic to your site is tough. Don’t assume everyone searching on Google knows your lingo and uses the same set of terms your industry does. If it’s a niche market, then they probably don’t.

Dig for keywords that people are actually searching for that are relevant to your products or industry. Then, write content that incorporates your own lingo and the keywords others are searching. This will allow you to hit the keywords that will drive traffic to you and show users your industry terms. You might even find that people start using your lingo as their search terms. It’s a win win.

These are a few basics that will get you started on the right track this year. They might even push you over the edge into organic traffic heaven. Either way, keep them in mind when thinking through your digital marketing plans for 2015.


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  1. Nice article, I liked the most is [Build Relationships, Not Just Links] That’s true this is first time that i read such article on which mentioned such statement.

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