Brand Platforms

Up&Up makes brand experiences for universities who are unafraid of change, driven by innovation, and want to rise above the noise. In a time when competition for students and giving is stronger than ever and the perceived value of a college degree is under attack, our work builds brand awareness, boosts applications, attracts better students, helps retain them, and grows alumni engagement and giving.

What You'll Get

  • An authentic and clear brand
  • Compelling creative
  • More qualified applicants
  • Proud students and alums
  • A smiling president

Building an Authentic Brand


Why students choose you (or why they don't).

Positioning & Pillars

Finding your unique space and building the brands foundation.

Mood & Tone

What to say and how it feels.

Creative Concept

Breathe life into the brand by showing it in real world applications.


lift in applications

Piedmont College

boost in enrollment

Ohio University College of Business

jump in enrollment

Auburn University
Case Study: McPherson College
Case Study: Marian University
Case Study: Piedmont College
Case Study: Erskine College
Case Study: The University of Georgia

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