Creative Communications

Building a new brand without new content is akin to building a new house and then filling it with your old furniture. But we don’t believe in one offs. We’ll help your school develop a comprehensive content strategy and then build the story through great copy, photo, and video meant to be consumed across a multitude of digital and social media channels.

What You'll Get

  • A clear picture of who you really are
  • A boost in brand awareness
  • Increased social engagement
  • A sustained jump in site traffic
  • Proud constituents

Compelling Creative


From brand trailers to 6 sec shots perfect for social, we'll create videos that tell your story across all of your channels.


Let's get past shots of the quad and show off the real student experience.


We have all the best words at our disposal. You're going to love the way you sound.


Just because we are digital first doesn't mean we think print is dead.

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Case Study: Marian University
Case Study: Clemson University Give Day Strategy
Case Study: Alumni Engagement Ecosystem: Mobilizing Your Fans
Case Study: Piedmont College

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