Jeremy Stewart

Search Analyst

Jeremy supports Up&Up’s digital marketing team by helping clients reach their media goals and always staying on top of the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

Prior to joining Up&Up, Jeremy managed display, search, and paid social media efforts for clients in the healthcare and entertainment/fine arts sectors.

Jeremy is a motorsports fanatic and spends his weekends watching Formula 1 with his family, going to Road Atlanta to watch the Petit Le Mans, and auto-crossing his own car all around the Upstate. When he’s not around race cars, you can likely find Jeremy hanging with his dog, Rosie.

Q&A with Jeremy Stewart

What excites you? 
New technologies that make people’s lives easier.

How did you decide to get into your current work role? 
I was tired of doing paid campaigns where the purpose was to just sell things and stuff people’s pockets with more money. Helping people find the right college or degree for them is far more rewarding. Also, the fact that we are helping enroll students that are solving the world’s issues (like the Columbia University Masters of Climate and Society for example) feels good.

What is the favorite part of your job?
I love getting new clients that have interesting degree types. For paid media campaign setup, I need to become familiar with the program and I love learning about the intricacies of different industries.

What’s your favorite hobby? 
Anything outside. Camping, hiking, tubing, and I really want to get into rock climbing next.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 
“It is possible to make no mistakes and lose. That is not failure; that is life.” I find that this is important to remember in life while not making it an excuse.

What’s the best thing you’ve learned since starting your career? 
When I first started my career in digital marketing many years ago, after setting a campaign’s lifetime budget as the daily budget. I remember my head of client relationships, Bill Shatten telling me “It’s just marketing” and I always come back to that sentence when things get intense and stressful.