Josh Boland

Lead Developer

Josh discovered web design and development during his time at Clemson. While formally studying graphics and print production, he informally learned (and taught a few others) the ways of the web, quickly deciding that was what he wanted to do.

He dabbles in both the front and back ends of things and hopes one day to reach the status of “JavaScript ninja.” Prior to joining Up&Up, Josh worked for his alma-mater as part of Clemson University’s Creative Services team.

Josh enjoys being outdoors and playing disc golf when he is not in the office. He also likes playing board games, roasting and drinking coffee, and discovering sweet jams to listen to.

Q&A with Josh Boland

What excites you? 
I am excited by making and trying new things. I like to see and experience the fruits of my labor, whether that is in making a web application or building something in my backyard. I am inspired by books, music, and people I look up to.

What is your favorite part of the job?
I most enjoy what I refer to as “front-end experience,” particularly when it comes to web applications and interface design. That is, determining how to make an interface or web site engaging and interactive, while effectively architecting and managing the data structures that facilitate complex functionality. I like making tools and experiences that help people discover something, save them time, or engage them in an exciting experience.

What’s your favorite hobby? 
Gardening. I tried it for the first time last year and had a blast. The garden is only getting bigger now!

How do you know when you’ve done something well? 
Work-wise, a task is done well when my code can be understood by others, works well, and doesn’t throw any errors. Otherwise, I’d say something is done well when I want to show it to others.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 
“The best cup of coffee is the one that you like,” meaning that when it comes to your tastes and interests, who cares what other people say or what’s popular? Like what you like, and enjoy it!