Content Strategy in Higher Ed: A Field Guide

Up&Up Content Strategy Field Guide

Within higher education, there is almost no shortage of stories, events, news, and academic content. Which sounds great, but leaves you wondering whether you and your team are producing the right content, too much content, or content for the wrong channel. The firehose of content can make it incredibly difficult for teams to measure effectiveness, improve quality, and align content to actual school goals.

Our Field Guide will help you uncover new insights through analytics, build an optimal website architecture, learn how to leverage content across multiple channels, and ultimately teach you how to build a framework that will help to evolve your content strategy over the long haul.

The Field Guide is great for:

  • Directors of Marketing at the University or College level
  • Content Managers & Producers
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Staff that has an interest in Google Analytics and SEO