COVID-19 2020 Higher Education Media Impact Report

With stay-at-home and social distancing orders still in place across many states, prospective Higher Education students’ online media consumption habits have made shifts from pre-COVID-19 habits. In this brief report from our partners at VisonMedia, we review these changes and offer tips and strategies for ensuring your online communication remains up-to-date and directed to your future students where they now are.

Throughout this report, you will be presented with eight key higher education marketing trends, specifically around media consumption habits in the world of COVID-19. As you review the report, you will understand the below:

  • How the outbreak of the global pandemic has had a broad effect on prospective students’ media consumption habits and the channels through which they consume media
  • Why video is an explosive category for prospective students’ media consumption
  • How TV streaming, online video game viewing, and audio streaming are all rapidly growing categories
  • Why a dramatic increase in website traffic volume indicates an opportunity for institutions
  • Why it is important to begin doing a gap analysis
  • Why you shouldn’t allow your advertising to falter during the pandemic
  • Why updating your messaging and marketing today matters
  • Why you should focus on maintaining the quality of your offer

What's Inside

  • Looking Ahead at COVID-19 2020 Media Impacts
  • Identifying Questions To Ask
  • Media Consumption Trends
  • Takeaways Summary
  • Sources for More Information