Webinar: Benefits of a 3-Year Marketing Plan

Are you prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead with the looming student enrollment cliff? Are you prepared to take the needed action to act on the opportunities that lie ahead?

That’s right, there are some positive opportunities ahead for higher ed! The time to act is now! A 3-Year Plan is an approach we believe offers the traction you need to remain competitive in the coming years, to face the shortage of traditional undergraduate students, and to innovate your offerings to meet the needs of a wider range of potential students.

In this webinar from Up&Up, you will learn about the common challenges facing higher education marketers today, gain insights into the coming enrollment cliff, learn tips to help prepare for the changing student landscape, and understand the benefits of a 3-Year Marketing Plan that addresses everything from research to your tech-stack.

What's Inside

  • 5 Trends in 2020
  • Common Challenges Facing Higher Ed
  • Defining the Enrollment Cliff and Action Steps
  • Why a 3-Year Marketing Plan Matters
  • Up&Up Project Spotlight
  • How to engage with Up&Up