Webinar: Making Major Life Decisions Easier with Data and Customized Web Tools

 “I’m ready for college, but I’m not sure what path is right for me!” How often do you hear this phrase? In our experiences, too often. Prospective students and their support networks (parents, guidance counselors, family and friends) look to us (higher ed marketers and admissions staff) to help them understand what learning paths our institutions offer and how those translate to careers. They want to hear success stories about students before them who made a big life decision like picking a school and major. More than that, they need us to instill the confidence that their investment guarantees a worthwhile return.

In this webinar, we will discuss an issue that most institutions face on a daily basis, “how do we help make the decision-making process easier for prospective students?” Answering that question will not only help you reach your enrollment goals but will also support your retention efforts. Imagine if a prospective student and their support systems (parents, guidance counselors, families, and friends) were able to narrow down their choice in major based on things like their personal interests and career goals.

What's Inside

  • One MAJOR issue impacting higher education
  • Strategic steps to bring a project like this to life
  • The data required to make sure this tool will work
  • Tips on how to gain campus buy-in for a project like this
  • How to work with Up&Up to address your unique challenges